The Winemakers
Fox Valley Winery, one of Illinois' premier wineries located in the Fox River Valley, will manage White Stable Vineyard and Winery. This family run business started their wine tradition at the Faltz Family Vineyard and farm near Sheridan, Illinois. Vines were first planted in March of 2000, and they now nurture more than 25 acres of vines situated on the south-facing rocky ledges of the Fox River Valley. Their winery produces truly unique, fine red, white, dry and sweet regional wines. They have recommended the varieties of grapes to be grown at White Stable Vineyard, and will blend these with imported grapes from Napa Valley, California, to bring us truly phenomenal regional wines you will be proud to serve at your table. Excess production will be sold to local restaurants and retailers who have committed to partnering with us.
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